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The whole truth foods is an Indian company of Food and Beverage Services. The company headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is simple, homely ingredients, minimally processed, are the secret to nutritious, tasty food. So, take premium dry fruits like cashews, almonds and dates, mix them with pure cocoa for taste and add raw, unadulterated whey for that extra boost of protein – to make these bars.

Company NameThe whole truth foods
Date of Establishment2019
Establishment PlaceIndia
FounderMr Shashank Mehta
Registered Address36 ABCD,
Marol Co. Operative Industrial Estate Ltd,
M. Vasanji Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai
Net WorthData not available
Telephone no.7304990955
Email[email protected]
Company StatusActive


The whole truth foods established in 2019 by Mr Shashank Mehta. It is a India leading company of Food and Beverage Services. The company offering deleicous food with no added sugar, no sugar alcohols, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no added color, no added flavor, no gluten. no soy., no false claims and no half truths.


  • Dark Chocolate
    Double Cocoa Protein Bar | Everyone Party Mini Protein Bar | The Wholesome Box | BYOB Personalised Box | Nuts Fruits and Seeds Muesli |Almond Choco Fudge Energy Bar | All In One Box Protein Bar | All In One Box Energy Bar
  • Nut Butters
    Creamy Unsweetened Peanut Butter | Crunchy Unsweetened Peanut Butter | Creamy Sweetened Peanut Butter | Crunchy Sweetened Peanut Butter | Creamy Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter | Crunchy Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter | Crunchy Dark Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter | Creamy Unsweetened Protein Peanut Butter | The Protein Sampler | The Creamy Sampler | The Crunchy Sampler | The Choco Combo
  • Muesli
    Nuts Fruits Seeds Muesli | Almond Choco Crunch Muesli | No Added Sugar 5 Grain Muesli | Almond Choco Crunch with Added Protein Muesli | Quinoa Choco Crunch with Added Protein Muesli | The Essentials Combo Muesli | The Protein Combo Muesli | The Choco Combo Muesli | Nuts Fruits Seeds Muesli 1kg | Almond Choco Crunch Muesli 1kg
  • Protein Bars
    Double Cocoa Protein Bar | Orange Cocoa Protein Bar | Coconut Cocoa Protein Bar | Peanut Cocoa Protein Bar | Coffee Cocoa Protein Bar | KC Roasters Coffee Cocoa Protein Bar | Cranberry Protein Bar | Peanut Butter Protein Bar | Peanut Heavy Protein Bar Box | Choco Heavy Protein Bar Box | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 10 Protein Bar | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 15 Protein Bar | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 30 Protein Bar | The Snack Box
  • Mini Protein Bars
    Double Cocoa Mini Protein Bar | Coconut Cocoa Mini Protein Bar | Peanut Cocoa Mini Protein Bar | Coffee Cocoa Mini Protein Bar | Cranberry Mini Protein Bar | Peanut Butter Mini Protein Bar | Peanut Heavy Mini Protein Bar Box | Choco Heavy Mini Protein Bar Box | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 20 Mini Protein Bar | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 50 Mini Protein Bar
  • Energy Bars
    Almond Choco Fudge Vegan Energy Bar | Peanut Choco Fudge Vegan Energy Bar | Cocoa Cranberry Fudge Vegan Energy Bar | Fig Apricot Orange Energy Bar | Mocha Almond Fudge Vegan Energy Bar | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 10 Energy Bar | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 15 Energy Bar | BYOB Personalised Box 0f 25 Energy Bar | Fruity Patootie Energy Bar Box | Nuts For You Energy Bar Box

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Veganism and Nutrition

When it comes to protein, active individuals need more than their sedentary counterparts in order to recover from, and adapt to, the heavy training loads they undertake. The exact amount varies but 1.5g/kg BW/day is a great ballpark estimate. Achieving this can be a challenge but far from impossible while plant based. With a little bit of planning around meal prep and a pantry full of soy, lentils, legumes, tofu, quinoa, and nuts and seeds, there is no reason why it should be a problem. Some may be concerned with the potential for hormonal imbalance with high soy intakes, but this is a myth that has been largely squashed by the scientific community. Otherwise healthy individuals have no reason to fear.

We all know that calcium is needed for strong bones. Did you know it is also essential for muscle contractions and heart function? Definitely something all of us should be concerned with, not just elite vegan athletes. The image of a glass of milk naturally comes to mind for most when thinking about natural sources of calcium. Which for the record contains just ~250mg per glass (Whole milk). Typical adults need ~1000mg/day. Clearly most of us don’t have 4 glasses a day, so we must be getting it from some other sources. The question is, are any of them plant based? Yes! A cup of edamame can match a glass of milk in calcium while giving significantly more protein (albeit at a higher calorie count!). Similarly, beans, lentils, tofu, almonds, chia seeds, sesame, GLVs etc., are all potent sources that can fill in the calcium gap!

Iron is a big one. We need iron to create hemoglobin, which is the oxygen transporter in our blood. Without sufficient oxygen, we aren’t running particularly far (or moving at all for that matter!). Iron in food comes in two varieties. Heme- and Non heme-. Heme- iron is superior in quality, has higher absorption and is animal based. Non heme- iron is inferior in quality, has lower absorption levels in the body and is plant based. Are we stuck needing to eat red meat to get forever faster? Fortunately, no. Adding some ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to non heme- iron greatly improves its absorption rate in the body. So the next time you are having some lentils, chickpeas, tofu, spinach etc., just squeeze a lemon on top!

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that aids in DNA synthesis, energy metabolism, nerve function, etc., in the body. It allows us to live and not having enough can be a problem. It is undeniable that plant based foods tend to lack this key nutrient! The best sources are meat, dairy, eggs, and seafood. Fact is, most vegans are deficient. Besides supplementing or consuming fortified foods, there are only a few options out there to cover this up.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been linked to a number of health benefits. Fish oil is supposedly the key to smarter, stronger kids, preventing cancer, having a healthier heart and reducing inflammation. The jury is still out on all but the last of those. Omega 3s are an essential nutrient for optimal functioning and athletes are definitely interested in controlling inflammation. As hinted above, fish oil is an excellent source (and definitely not vegan). Fortunately a diet with a fair serving of chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, and brussel sprouts, can cope just fine for most occasions. Plus vegan supplements do exist.
Above all of that, veganism tends to come with a higher carbohydrate intake, which can be extremely beneficial or a handicap depending on the situation.

With all this in mind, it is clear that veganism in sport is possible but tough, and may not have a direct positive impact on performance. A happy athlete will always be better than a sad one, so long as there aren’t nutritional deficiencies, eat what makes you feel good!

What are Signs of Food Addiction?

Craving foods on a full stomach

Have you ever wanted to top your meal with a bag of chips or something crispy right after finishing a good, filling, nutritious meal like muesli? This happens because of our brain’s need for dopamine, a chemical that our brain releases after eating sugary and deep-fried foods (or any other pleasurable experience). So even though your stomach is full, your tongue is asking your brain to reach for that extra bag of chips in the pantry.

Feeling guilty but still eating

That undying feeling of guilt and shame while munching on ice cream but doing it anyway is one of the most common signs of food addiction. Our rational brain understands the unnecessary indulgence but we can’t help but do it anyway.

Making excuses and giving into cravings

“I’ll stop eating chips from Monday” Have you ever said this and then found yourself eating your 4th bag of chips on Wednesday? Making excuses to give in to food cravings isn’t a lack of willpower but more a signal of how deep your food addiction is.

Eating till you can’t stuff yourself anymore

Eating till you can’t move or feel acidic and nauseous is common. Especially if you are doing this more often and follow it up with over-working out, that can be a signal to a deeper-rooted eating disorder.

Hiding and eating alone

When we hide from others and eat food, it’s generally because we feel ashamed to do it in front of them. Judgment from society and the fear of being perceived a certain way is a big sign of dependency on food.

Food addiction, although it sounds simple, can be extremely harmful not only for a person’s physical health but also mental health.

If you read through these points and related, don’t worry. The first step to recovery is acceptance. Identify the foods and situations that cause your addiction and start noticing how they affect you.

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