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The White Willow is an Indian company of pillow. The company headquarter is in New Delhi, India. It is a startup driven by the philosophy that people have different body types and sleeping styles, and hence, they should have access to a wide range of pillows to choose as per their comfort levels and personal choice.

Company NameThe White Willow
Date of Establishment2015
Establishment PlaceIndia
FounderAbhishek Jain & Meghna Aggarwal Jain
Registered AddressM -156 Greater Kailash 2
New Delhi
110048, India
Net WorthData not available
Telephone no.+91 9019035000
Email[email protected]
Company StatusActive


The White Willow established in 2015 by Abhishek Jain and Meghna Aggarwal Jain. It is a leading pillow company. The White Willow offer the largest product portfolio with over 70 different types of pillows from Pillows for sleeping, Sofa, Bed & Couch Cushions, Multipurpose Wedge Support pillows for pain relief, Maternity pillows for pregnancy discomfort, Travel pillows, Pillow for kids and Special knee & back support pillows.



Backrest pillows are carefully designed to sit between your lower back and your seat. As the name suggests, they support your lower back region and the muscles there along with realigning the spine. They can be tucked under the knees or hips while you sleep to keep your spine in good alignment.

Wondering how that’s going to make a difference in your life? Read on some benefits:

  • Relaxed muscles: They carry a lot of tension daily. Why don’t you lie down on the floor on your back for a few minutes and see? A backrest pillow is a great solution to this! It takes off the strain on your muscles allowing them to relax. It can help release knots that build up over time and improves your posture.
  • Support your spine: It is essential to take care of your spine with customized support. With tremendous flexibility, a good back pillow provides adequate support to your spine without pushing it out of shape. Memory foam back pillows are even better for this as they warm with your body heat to mold into your shape.
  • Relieve pain: All the back pain in the middle of the workday calls for some relief! Don’t reach out for another Aspirin, instead, give a good back pillow a try. They can provide instant relief from different types of back pain. Placing this pillow behind your back takes some load off the muscles that cause shooting pain due to overcompensation.
  • Keep your spine aligned: What does your spine do as you relax in bed? If you are a side sleeper and you notice it curving down the side, that’s a sign. If you are a back or stomach sleeper and you notice a more pronounced lower back curve, that’s a sign too. A sign that you need the support of a backrest pillow to keep your spine rightly aligned.
  • Improved posture: While we have established the instant benefits of a back support pillow, it also comes with long term benefits. It can help you improve your posture even when you aren’t sitting.

Maternity Pillows

The maternity collection is exclusively designed for the mother-child duo. The pregnancy pillows help to make mothers-to-be comfortable while providing relief to their neck, shoulders, and joints. It is great post-surgery as it continues to provide its body with extra support and snuggles. The kids pillows support the growth and crucial development of young kids.

Why is the collection of maternity pillows special?

  • Body support: As your belly grows, you’ll need extra support for different parts of your body. You’d need it to prevent aches and pains. Neck pain and back pain is very common for expectant mothers & hence pillows to reduce the pressure on your body while aligning it is much needed. Similarly, when your baby is growing, the right support is essential for its crucial development. There is so much you hear and worry about. However, you simply want the best for your baby.
  • Blood circulation: As rightly recommended by health professionals, pregnant mothers must sleep on their left side as the baby develops. It is not only an optimal position for birth but it also positively impacts the blood circulation in your body. It provides adequate support and relieves body pressure. You could also place a wedge pillow for extra comfort.
  • Fights against allergies: Pregnancy hormones make women more prone to allergies, skin rashes, and respiratory problems. The need of the hour is pillows that avoid such unpleasant reactions. It’s the right pillows that provide you with all the luxury you need.
  • Unbeatable comfort: It is easy to think that comfort is an inevitable part of the mother’s as well as the child’s sleep. Good maternity pillow cushions your body with softness, to drive you into a state of relaxation. They go a long way from pregnancy to way after and play an essential role in your child’s development as well. They support your body against pain.
  • Good position: Over the years, we have only heard the importance of sleeping in the right position. Oh yes, the tossing, turning and waking up with aches. These pillows are scientifically designed to promote the right sleeping posture and alignment that your body needs. Instilling the same in your child since they were little is even perfect. A healthy good night’s sleep is always cherished.

CSR Activites

The White Willow is a proud partner of Udayan Shalini Fellowship, a unique initiative that strives to bring dignity and prosperity in the lives of underprivileged girls. Udayan Shalini Fellowship scours through government and regional schools to find bright, talented female students who have completed high school, but lack resources to pursue higher studies.

The White Willow collaborates with Udayan Shalini Fellowship in selecting promising students every year, and help them achieve their career aspirations through counselling, funding and mentorship support.

Udayan Care has spread its work for disadvantaged groups during the last 25 years by establishing family homes, helping girls’ education, providing vocational training etc. To date, Udayan Care has nurtured over 24,000 young minds. This has been made possible only through the support of like-minded people, donors and partners who believed in Udayan Care’s work and mission.

Rooted in the philosophy of giving back to society, The White Willow leadership has a profound background in social service and community development. The partnership with The Udayan Shalini Fellowship is a testimony to our commitment towards a stronger, egalitarian India.

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