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Since 1976, Banana Boat® has been the number one choice for people looking for a sunscreen that is both effective and fun. Their commitment to quality and innovation has helped them become a leader in the sun care industry. They offers a wide array of products to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays while still providing an enjoyable experience.

The broad range of products includes sunscreen lotions, sprays and aerosols, lip balms, creams, and more. The products are designed to protect you from UVA and UVB rays, offering both broad spectrum and mineral-based protection.

With Banana Boat® you have the assurance that our products will keep you safe and sound on your outdoor adventures.

CompanyBanana Boat
FounderRobert Bell
OwnerEdgewell Personal Care
Year of Establishment1992
Registered Address5901 West Side Avenue
Suite 400
North Bergen, NJ 07047
Phone1-800-723-3786 (1-800-SAFESUN)
8 am to 6 pm ET (Monday to Friday)
Company StatusActive

About The Founder

Robert Bell

Robert Bell was an American entrepreneur who rose from humble beginnings to achieve extraordinary success. Starting out as a teenage lifeguard and pool boy, Bell developed a deep passion for sun care products. In 1976, he launched his own business, Banana Boat®, from his home garage. Through hard work and creativity, he built the brand into a global consumer products giant.

His unforgettable story of determination, perseverance, and ambition is recounted in his 2008 bestselling autobiography, From Lifeguard to Sun King. Over time, Bell achieved several more successes in different industries, including real estate and Hollywood film production.

Banana Boat Logo

Banana Boat Logo


The list of best selling products by Banana Boat:

  1. Protection + Vitamins Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
  2. Mineral Enriched Finger Pump SPF 50
  3. Kids 100% Mineral Continuous Spray SPF 50
  4. Sport 100% Mineral Continuous Spray SPF 50
  5. Cooling After Sun Gel
  6. Ultra Defense Ultramist Spray SPF 100
  7. Kids Sport Stick SPF 50
  8. Baby Sunscreen Stick SPF 50
  9. Aloe Vera Lip Balm SPF 45
  10. Dark Tanning Spray Oil SPF 0
  11. Deep Tanning Dry Oil Spray SPF 4
  12. Moisturizing Aloe After Sun Pump Lotion
  13. Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel 16OZ
  14. Sport Mineral Lotion SPF 50+
  15. Sport Ultra Lotion SPF 50+

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