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Zenith Watches is a Switzerland-based company of Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry. The company headquarter is in Le Locle, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is a world leader in high-quality products, LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton possesses a unique portfolio of over 60 prestigious brands. Zenith offers products in five different sectors: Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewelry, and Selective retailing. LVMH currently has around 100,000 employees, almost 80% of whom are based outside France.

Company NameZenith Watches
Date of Establishment1865
Establishment PlaceSwitzerland
FounderGeorges Favre-Jacot
Registered AddressRue des Billodes 34, , Le Locle,
Neuchâtel 2400 , CH, Switzerland
Net Worth$400,000
Telephone no.1-866-273-3477
Company StatusActive
Email[email protected]
Parent Company LVMH


Zenith Watches established in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot. It is a leading company of luxury watches, Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics and mnay more. Zenith became the first watch manufacture in the modern sense of the term, and its watches have accompanied extraordinary figures that dream big and strived to achieve the impossible – from Louis Blériot’s history-making flight across the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner’s record-setting stratospheric free-fall jump.

Zenith features exceptional in-house developed and manufactured movements in all its watches. From the first automatic chronograph, the El Primero, to the fastest chronograph with a 1/100th of a second precision, the El Primero 21, as well as the Inventor that reinvents the regulating organ by replacing the 30+ components with a single monolithic element, the manufacture is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Zenith has been shaping the future of Swiss watchmaking since 1865, accompanying those who dare to challenge themselves and break barriers. The time to reach your star is now.

Zenith Watches Collection


Crafting the future of watchmaking. The ZENITH DEFY collection of watches for men and women is the epitome of ZENITH’s endless pursuit of precision through innovation. Combining cutting-edge manufacture movements with futuristic forms and materials, the DEFY collection continues ZENITH’s legacy of always surpassing itself and setting new standards of performance and style.


The CHRONOMASTER collection showcases the Manufacture’s mastery of the automatic high-frequency chronograph movement and the unique design language it established in over 50 years. From faithful reproductions of its most emblematic references from the 1960s and 1970s to reaching new levels of precision with the 1/10 th of a second function in the evolved version of the famed calibre, the CHRONOMASTER collection bridges the past and present of the most prized automatic chronograph ever made.


Born during the dawn of man’s earliest flights over a century ago, ZENITH’s watchmaking heritage in the world of aviation is unrivalled, having created the very first “Pilot Watch” and even trademarking the term in 1904, and has remained the only watch brand with the rights to bear the term “Pilot” on its dials. The modern ZENITH PILOT collection pays tribute to the extraordinary pioneering spirit of the time, built for the adventurers of today.


ZENITH revisits its own past from the vantage point of today through the ELITE collection of unisex automatic watches. Sleek and minimalistic yet strong in its graphic identity and confident in its timeless lines and proportions, the ELITE collection doesn’t repeat the past, but rather rejuvenates the codes of mid-20th century watchmaking. The ELITE Classic and Moonphase models set the tone for ZENITH’s vision of contemporary elegance.

Zenith Watches Services

Maintenance & Servicing

Reactivity And Performance

Zenith’s aim is to place Customer Service at the heart of the company’s strategy. The loyalty of its customers, the reputation of its know-how and its legendary brand status, go through a personalized service experience.

Thanks to a network of trusted partners and collaborators benefiting from advanced training, ZENITH offers a reactive and efficient service, from support to personalized processes. The global approach and the consistency of services throughout the network ensure a sustainable, consistent and quality service to ZENITH customers

Contemporary Watch Maintenance

From the simplest to the most delicate, each intervention is preceded by a clear and transparent exchange with the client. He is thus informed of the necessary operations, their respective costs and the response time. He has the opportunity to validate each of these points before any intervention. Attention, only the interventions carried out in service centers officially approved by ZENITH are covered by the ZENITH guarantee.

Historical Watch Restoration

The integration of all watchmaking professions within the Manufacture du Locle allows the restoration of the vast majority of parts. For example, watches manufactured over a century ago come to life thanks to a rich history of craftsmanship and a legacy of craftsmanship from generation to generation. When the restoration of time-keeping is possible and requires the manufacture of new components, they are produced on site as a single piece.

Vintage Watch Restoration

At the Zenith Manufacture, our watchmakers and restoration experts are able to repair any Zenith watch – past and present. With a comprehensive archive spanning the entire history of the brand and the capabilities and know-how to reproduce any component, there isn’t a vintage or antique Zenith that we can’t repair.

Extracts & Certificates

Extract From The Registers

Find out the model, functions, caliber and production date of your watch based on its movement and case serial numbers.

Certificate Of Origin

Have the origin of your Zenith watch certified and obtain its detailed description from on an in-depth examination carried out at the Zenith Manufacture in Le Locle.

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