Zebpay Company Details, Founder, Foreign exchange, networth, Twitter, coin, customer care

Zebpay Company Details, Founder, Foreign exchange, networth, Twitter, coin, Logo customer care and more

Zebpay is a Singapore company of Financial Services. The company headquarter is in Singapore. It is India’s top choice for Bitcoin-INR trading. ZebPay has believed in the revolution called Bitcoin.

Company Name Zebpay
Date of Establishment2014
Establishment PlaceSingapore
FounderMahin Gupta,
Saurabh Agrawal and
Sandeep Goenka
Registered Address10 Anson Road International Plaza #18-17
Singapore, Singapore 079903
Net Worth$10 billion
Telephone no. Data not available
Company StatusActive
Website www.zebpay.com


Zebpay established in 2014 by Mahin Gupta, Saurabh Agrawal and Sandeep Goenka. Zebpay is the fastest-growing and most popular cryptocurrency exchange. The company attracting both crypto-traders and crypto-focused investors from across the globe and provide cryptographically verifiable Proof of Reserve.



ZebPay platforms include the Pro-Trader for advanced traders, Mobile Apps for those who are always on the go, and a seamless web interface for desktop users. Designed to reduce all friction, platforms are meticulously designed to be clutter-free and stress-free so you can trade-free.


Zebpay Build – Create crypto applications, tools, bots and more on top of leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. Now build an app or build a new idea for you or for over 3 million Zebpay users. Developers can use simple and robust REST-ful API to access and integrate trading, wallet, blockchain, and market analysis functionality in their applications.


Great Spot Prices: Buy Bitcoin and a range of Altcoins instantly with guaranteed execution and minimal slippage – at the most competitive prices.

Lightning Payments: The future of Bitcoin transactions is here. Now, make payments on the Bitcoin Lightning Network with ZebPay.

Enhanced Security Controls: Robust security measures include controls to disable all outgoing transactions with ‘Disable Outgoing Transactions’.

EUR-Crypto & Crypto-Crypto Trading: Trade across 06 EUR-Crypto pairs and 05 Crypto-Crypto pairs across Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and EOS.

Set Rate Alerts: Stay updated on the latest crypto prices with the ‘Rate Alerts’ feature.

Trade Across Devices: From small screens to big, got you covered

Robust API. Endless Possibilities: Use ‘Build’ platform to unleash your creativity.


Bitcoin / BTC

Bitcoin was invented by anonymous cryptographer Satoshi Nakamoto as peer to peer digital cash. In many ways considered the original blockchain and “digital gold”, Bitcoin continues to remain the most popular crypto asset.

Ether / ETH

Ether (ETH) is the currency which is used to run smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. With its launch in 2015, Ethereum revolutionised cryptocurrency and started the era of the programmable blockchain.

Ripple / XRP

Ripple is a system of real time gross settlements, currency exchange and money transfer. It aims to improve transaction times and settlements between international players and banks.


EOS is a highly scalable blockchain and cryptocurrency which provides an advanced smart contracting platform for developers. Its vision is to build a fully decentralized platform that scales to thousands of transactions per second.

Litecoin / LTC

Litecoin was invented by Charlie Lee in October 2011. It features a capacity to handle a high volume of transactions with extremely low transaction costs. Litecoin has stood the test of time as one of the most popular blockchain networks to date.

Bitcoin Cash / BCH

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin with lower fees and faster confirmations. The more recent ABC fork has propagated the network towards adjustable block sizes and external data access. Bitcoin Cash continues to remain a robust blockchain network.


PAXG is an effort to create a tokenized version of gold, with every token backed by one fine troy ounce of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar.

0x / ZRX

0x is described as “a pipeline of open-source smart contracts that serve as foundational exchange infrastructure and the networked liquidity layer for several crypto verticals including DeFi and blockchain gaming”.

Company Logo

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  1. I wanted to trade in crypto. I was advised by a company to route my funds through your app and take it to TF trading platform for trading in crypto ( BTC ). Based on their advice I transferred my money to your account held in IDBI. After that I purchased USTD in your app. Then the USTD was transferred to TF trading platform.

    Why did they do like this when your company itself has a trading platform for BTC.
    what can be the reason. Is it that TF platform is fake.

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