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Ownwell Property Tax, Wiki, Company Profile, How to sign in, Logo, Establishment, Features and more

Ownwell is a provider of property tax management services intended to make the cost of living more equitable. The company’s services help users receive their property value assessment and tax-saving cost estimation based on similar properties and recent home sales.

Ownwell lets submission of online registration to prepare and manage their tax appeals and helps customers reduce their property tax bills via conducting online property tax assessment. Ownwell helps property owners save money on the costs of owning real estate.

Company NameOwnwell
Date of Establishment2020
Establishment PlaceAustin, Texas
FounderColton Pace,
Frank DiZenzo,
Joseph Noor
Registered AddressAustin, Texas, USA
Net Worth$3 billion
Telephone no.Data not available
EmailData not available
Company StatusActive


The company has its headquarters in Austin, TX. Ownwell specializes in reducing property tax for homeowners, investors, small businesses, and more. The success rate of Ownwell varies across geographies. Ownwell wins more than 80% of its cases in any given year, saving clients an average of $1,457 on their property taxes.

How to sign in?

Step.1: Get your savings estimate

Enter your property address and get an instant estimate of your potential tax savings based on local market data. Ownwell never shares or sells your information.

Step.2: Ownwell handles everything

From start to finish with no upfront costs, Ownwell takes everything. 

Step.3: Enjoy your savings

After Ownwell wins your protest, your fee is just 25% of your savings. Ownwell continues to monitor your property taxes to ensure that you never overpay again. You can complete the sign-up in less than 5 minutes.

Ownwell Features

  • Evaluate your current assessment for errors and available exemptions.
  • Prepare and submit appropriate evidence to your county tax assessor.
  • Perform comparative market analysis to determine how much your property has been overassessed.
  • File county-specific protest documents with the relevant assessment board.
  • Represent the property owner in court hearings to prevent the case for a tax reduction.

Property Tax Monitoring Service

The Property Tax Monitoring Service ensures its customers never overpay on their property taxes again. Each year Ownwell analyze millions of properties to identify property owners who are overpaying and protest on their behalf. The company continuously monitor your property taxes and protest whenever there is an opportunity to save.

The company charges a commission on savings only for the years the company successfully reduces your taxes. Each year your county assessor generates an ‘’assessed value’’ for your property, which forms the base value’’basis’’ upon which you are taxed. This value is multiplied by the tax rate for your specific community in order to determine your property tax bill.

Property Tax Protest

Every property owner has the right to contest the county tax assessment of their property. A protest is a formal process by which you can reduce your property’s assessed value, in turn reducing your property tax bill. Ownwell estimates that approximately 45% of properties are overassessed each year.

Protests are submitted before the deadline. The process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the capacity and responsiveness of your county’s tax assessor.

Company Logo

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