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Cayaba Care is a multidisciplinary care team, designed to build bridges and reduce barriers. Cayaba Care is making the maternity experience easy and providing services in a way that suits your personal needs. The team is focused on closing the gap through a combination of clinical and non-clinical services delivered in-home and in the office.

Cayaba’s care model focuses on integration not a replacement of patients, primary Obstetric providers,s and reducing any barriers to the patient receiving the recommended care.

Cayaba CarePointsInformation
Company NameCayaba Care
Date of Establishment2007
Establishment PlacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
FounderMary Fleming,
Olan Soremekun
Registered Address5070 Parkside Ave, #3500A,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131, US
Net WorthData not available
Telephone no.(267) 668-2256
Email[email protected]
Company StatusActive
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TwitterCayaba Care
LinkedinCayaba Care
WebsiteCayaba Care


Cayaba Care has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cayaba Care’s team of OBGYNs, Nurse practitioners, Family support specialists, Insurance experts, and their business and technology staff are there to provide the care you need. From pre-pregnancy to after delivery, Cayaba Care is there for you. Cayaba Care is your personal maternity navigator. They are local and can visit you at home or virtually.


  • Pregnancy testing
  • Social service navigation
  • Urgent care for maternity
  • Mental health needs
  • Care coordination
  • Personalized education classes
  • Lactation consulting
  • Contraception counseling

Cayaba Care Membership

Cayaba Care Membership is free and the services are covered by many health insurance plans, including Medicaid. There is a free membership and affordable services and soon be moms. If any payment is required (typically a low-cost copay), the team will let you know in advance and you can always decline that specific service. Even if you are uninsured, the team can help you find insurance and enroll for insurance that you qualify for during and after pregnancy. The following are the features:

  • Flexible calls and visits
  • Your own maternity navigator
  • Supportive care team
  • Same-day appointments for emergencies
  • The medical equipment you need
  • Benefits advocate
  • Emotional and mental health support
  • Breastfeeding support

The maternity navigators are locally based, experienced medical assistants who have maternity training and can get you expert help with insurance, appointments, and resources, empathetic, good listeners, and judgment-free, many of them are fellow moms.

How does it work?

Step.1: Book an appointment

To schedule your onboarding appointment, you can simply click Get Started on the website. You can sign up within a minute and book an appointment. After you book an appointment a Cayaba Care team member will reach out to guide you through the rest of your program.

Step.2: Become a member

Have an initial home or virtual visit. Meet your maternity navigator and decide whether you would like to become a member. Cayaba Care’s services focus on providing patients with relief from symptoms, pain, and overall stress and anxiety throughout their pregnancy. The goal is to improve the health outcomes of mom and baby.

Step.3: Start your personal maternity plan

You will have a schedule made just for you that fits your health concerns and preferences. Start right away. You can meet your maternity navigator at your home or via video call, regular call, or text.

Company Logo

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