Duracell Company Profile, Wiki, Networth, Establishment, History and More

Duracell Profile, Wiki, Networth, Owner, CEO, Founder Name, Parent Company and more

Duracell is an American company that produces alkaline batterie, specialty cells and smart power systems. The company has become an iconic personal power brand, trusted for compact and longer-lasting batteries. The company headquarter is in Bethel, Connecticut, U.S., Geneva, Switzerland. This product has been win all the hearts by the Bunny Duracell. The Duracell Bunny is one of the most widely recognized brand icons across the globe. Duracell is the world’s number one consumer battery company by market share and is the leading manufacturer of high-quality alkaline batteries, specialty cells and rechargeable systems.

This company launched its first brand in 1965 and has grown to become a global consumer icon, known for its commitment to best quality, reliability and innovation. Duracell employs over 3,300 people around the world and became a permanent part of the Berkshire Hathaway group.

Founder/OwnerSamuel Ruben and Philip Mallory
Date of Establishment1965
Establishment PlaceUnited States of America
Registered Address4/1, Middleton Street, Kolkata 700071,West Bengal
Telephone No.011-2685-4087
Company StatusActive


  • Alkaline Batteries: Duracell Alkaline batteries used for a range of uses, the best batteries for game controllers, battery lights and more. Alkaline cells are available in a huge variety of types and sizes and must ensure always have the right product for your needs.
  • Rechargeable & Chargers: Duracell Rechargeable batteries and chargers used for long time batteries and spend more time gaming or playing with favourite remote-controlled car using a powerful rechargeable battery.
  • Specialty Batteries: Duracell Specialty batteries are dependable used for specialty devices, performing equally well as camera batteries and remote control batteries.
  • Coin/Button Batteries: Duracell coin and button batteries used for remotes, battery alarm clocks and many other devices with guaranteed long-lasting power. This product offers Duracell quality in a variety of sizes.


  • Rechargeable Technology
  • Charger Technology
  •  Battery Care & Disposal
  • OEM


Duracell company founded by Samuel Ruben and Philip Mallory. Samuel Ruben was an American inventor born in 14July1900, who made contributions to electrochemistry and solid-state technology. Philip Mallory was an American Businessman born in 11November1885, and was the founder of Duracell company. They both together started company and make it international with high quality and customer satisfaction.

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