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Creatella Company Profile Wiki, Owner, Net Worth, Founder, Internet services, Logo, Creatella is a Singapore company of internet services, Venture Builder, empowering visionary entrepreneurs and tech talents and more

Creatella is a Singapore company of internet services. The company headquarter is in Singapore, Asia. It is an ambitious and enthusiastic Venture Builder, empowering visionary entrepreneurs and tech talents to build the best startups.

Company Name Creatella
Date of Establishment 2015
Establishment PlaceSingapore
FounderGuillaume Catella.
Registered Address10 Anson Road
#10-11, International Plaza
Singapore, Singapore 079903, SG
Net WorthData not available
Telephone no. Data not available
Company StatusActive


Creatella established in 2015 by Guillaume Catella. It is revolutionizing the approach to develop ambitious startups by making tech development a centralized force, building synergies between each startup through knowledge transfer, and ensuring long term value creation and alignment with business needs.


Build MVP

In any startup product roadmap, a Minimum Viable Product is an essential part of the process. The philosophy behind the MVP is to release early, release often and to adapt according to user feedback.


  • Directly addresses the market need with a focused solution
  • Captures market demand through a faster and more efficient release of the product
  • Garners feedback directly from customers; invaluable in market testing
  • Saves money by generating upfront profit


  • A bare-bone product; could be perceived as unsatisfactory
  • More upfront work
  • Requires several revisions based on feedback
  • Needs a starting capital to initiate production

Prototyping & MVP

A prototype can be defined in various ways depending on the need and situation of startups or businesses in general. In essence, the prototype is the conceptual initial model of your product or service that target users can understand.

Features of Prototype

  • A ‘quick and dirty’ version of the end-product; it may or may not be fully functional.
  • Represents the solution to gather feedback from potential users, but it is not usually released to the market
  • Illustrates the product specifications to streamline the development as well as inspect possible errors
  • Displays functionality and prove market traction when presenting to investors

Pitching 101

The Minimum Viable Pitch is a one- (to two-) line pitch aimed to grab an opportunity to connect with potential investors. It is a short message that piques interest and leaves a first (and lasting) impression of you and your business.

It continues the conversation you have with potential investors, and even your industry network and target market. In networking events, you get to convey your business goals whilst controlling your reputation.

Startup KPIs, Metrics, Analytics

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), also known as performance metrics, are measurable values that provide a complete picture on where a business stands. These values are the following:

  • help businesses monitor & measure progress in relation to business goals
  • support decision-making when improving effectiveness and performance
  • show how you are doing compared to set objectives since they are defined based on business goals within specific periods of time

Company Logo

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