Who owns Great Value? Parent Company, Products, Customer Care and more

Great Value was launched in 1993 as Walmart’s second-tier national brand equivalent of grocery products. Walmart claims that the Great Value products are comparable to national brands and sold at a lower price due to lower advertising and marketing costs.The product range comprises various food items such as bread, frozen vegetables, canned foods, light bulbs, trash bags, etc. It is sold in several countries such as Canada, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

In 2009, the packaging of the Great Value products was redesigned to be predominantly white with the addition of some new food items. In 2013, Walmart changed the formulas for 750 items, including breakfast cereal, cookies, yogurt, laundry detergent, and paper towels. The packaging designs were also changed to more colorful designs.

The majority of “Great Value” products are purchased from manufacturers who specialize in providing the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Customers can feel confident in purchasing these items knowing that they are receiving the same quality that they would get from buying other brands at a much higher price.

Walmart also ensures that its “Great Value” line is readily accessible. The products are located throughout all Walmart stores as well as online. This easy accessibility makes it convenient for customers to purchase what they need and want without having to shop around.

NameGreat Value
Phone1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)
Company StatusActive


List of some products by Great Value:

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Organic Peanut Butter
  3. Double-Strength Coffee
  4. Organic Chicken Broth
  5. Tomato Paste
  6. Greek Yogurt
  7. Coconut Oil
  8. Canned Black Beans
  9. Frozen Mixed Vegetables
  10. Unsweetened Applesauce
  11. Fat-Free Milk
  12. Apple Juice
  13. 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  14. Frozen Waffles
  15. Low-Fat Ice Cream
  16. French Fried Onions
  17. Long Grain White Rice
  18. Honey Mustard Pretzel Pieces
  19. Reduced-Fat Mayo
  20. Pancake and Waffle Syrup

Where to Buy Great Value’s products?

Equate products are available at a variety of locations, including Walmart stores and websites, Target, and Amazon. Additionally, certain exclusive products by Walmart are made specifically for one retailer, though it may be difficult to locate them.

Great Value Logo

Great Value Logo

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