Nashville’s Best Costco Wholesale Outlet

Costco is the largest retailer in the world, and is highly respected by customers worldwide. Their membership-only big-box retail stores offer a great selection of products, such as organic foods, prime beef, rotisserie chicken, and wine. The company has grown rapidly since its inception in 1983, reaching a total revenue of $3 billion within 6 years.

As of 2022, Costco had 118.9 million members and over 304,000 full and part-time employees worldwide. They have consistently ranked high on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, with a score of 84 in 2014.

Costco was originally founded by Jeffrey H. Brotman and James Sinegal, both of whom remained on the board of directors until 2017, when Jeffrey Brotman passed away. James Sinegal stepped down in 2018, leaving W. Craig Jelinek as the remaining board member.

The success of Costco’s retail chain is a testament to their commitment to providing customers with quality products and services. Their expansive selections, competitive prices, and high customer satisfaction ratings make them a top choice for many shoppers.

With a strong leadership team and dedicated employees, Costco looks to continue its dominance as a leading retailer for years to come.

W Nashville Warehouse

Nashville’s Costco Wholesale Outlet is a terrific wholesale shopping destination that has something for everyone. The selection of merchandise at their store is vast, ranging from groceries and health and beauty items to home goods, electronics, and more.

Prices are extremely reasonable, with deals that can’t be beaten. The customer service is top notch and incredibly helpful, always offering up great advice and assistance.

The store itself is very well kept and organized, making it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. All in all, Nashville’s Costco Wholesale Outlet is an ideal shopping destination for those who want to save money and get the best quality goods.

Opening Date: November 14, 2006

Address: 6670 Charlotte Pike

Phone: (615) 354-5100

Facilities at the store: Auto Buying Program, Executive Membership, Fresh Meat, Gas Station, Pharmacy, Bakery, Fresh Deli, Fresh Produce, Membership, Rotisserie Chicken

Store Timing: 10:00AM – 8:30PM (Mon-Fri), 9:30AM – 6:00PM (Sat), 10:00AM – 06:00PM (Sun).

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