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ZILIO Wiki, Company Profile, Founder, Logo, Net Worth, Products and more

ZILIO is allowing shoppers to find the correct sizes and fits when online shopping. ZILIO allows online shoppers to visually see how a garment they wish to purchase will fit on their physical bodies by combining the technology of Augmented reality and the everyday smartphone.

By eliminating the issue of sizing in online shopping, customers can finally shop with full confidence, allowing clothing companies to increase their online sales along with reducing their number of returns. Online shopping gives people access to any fashion brand in the world, creating more opportunities for people to find self-expression, beauty, and confidence in themselves through fashion than ever before.

Company NameZILIO
Date of Establishment2019
Establishment PlaceKnoxfield, Victoria
FounderData not available
Registered Address103 Lewis Rd, Knoxfield, Victoria 3180, AU
Net WorthData not available
Telephone no.Data not available
Email[email protected]
Company StatusActive


ZILIO was founded in 2019 and has headquarters in Knoxfield, Victoria. The confusion around garment sizing in online shopping creates a tonne of problems, ranging from poor shopping experiences and inefficiencies for businesses to harming the planet with detrimental environmental consequences.


ZILIO’s mission is to solve the confusion around garment sizing in online shopping. Their focus is to paint a full picture of how a garment will fit on a body in every single size for online shoppers. Garment fit is an intricate art.

Virtual Fitting Room

Talk to any fashion designer or tailor and they will tell you the same thing. This is why they created ZILIO’s Virtual Fitting Room, a platform that lies in the online stores of brands for shoppers to find their perfect fitting clothes.

  • ZILIO’s Virtual Fitting Room will let you understand how garments will fit in every single size with measurements, heatmaps, and garment-hem online.
  • Perfect Fit guide: This feature takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect size. Now you can translate your garment fit measurements and see if they are too loose, too tight, or just the right fit- based on the fashion designer’s own recommendations.
  • Smartphone body scanning: Scan your body and create your 3D ZILIO Avatar in seconds with the new smartphone body scanning technology.

Make your Brand stand out from the Crowd

Garment sizing has been the biggest pain point for online shoppers for a long time. Break the cycle and give your shoppers the confidence to shop for clothes online. Be the brand for your customers, and build loyalty.

Why partner with ZILIO?

The most comprehensive and powerful Virtual Fitting Room solution for garment fit. With ZILIO’s new Shopify plugin, it’s now easier and faster to integrate ZILIO into your store than ever before. ZILIO’s Virtual Fitting Room is purely web-based, there is no need for your customers to download an app. ZILIO will create digital twins of your garments for your customers to try on and find their perfect fit.

Company Logo

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