Tumi Ishi Blocks Company Profile, Species, Logo, Payment and order, Establishment, Refund, Products and More

Tumi Ishi Blocks Company Profile, Species, Logo, Payment and order, Establishment, Refund, Products and More

Tumi Ishi is a Japanese Company of wood balancing blocks, a new take on the classic wooden building block. The inspiration came from the meditative and fun pastime of stacking and balancing stones. The company mimic the natural and non-symmetrical shape of rocks. Tumi Ishi, make each block individually by hand and use no set pattern when shaping them; this is something that cannot be accomplished using machines and therefore every Tumi Ishi block is unique.

The company use a large variety of sustainably sourced native hardwood species so that there are many different natural colors, grain patterns, and weight differences in each set of blocks. Tumi Ishi blocks promote creative and out of the box thinking, mindfulness, and problem solving skills. These balancing blocks will last generations as a true heritage toy and functional décor piece in your home.

Company NameTumi Ishi
Establishment PlaceJapan
Registered AddressJapan
Telephone No.573-673-2018
Company StatusActive
Email[email protected]


  • Building block set
  • Family game
  • Rock blocks
  • Tumi Ishi blocks
  • Wood toy
  • Wood stones
  • Sensory toy
  • Montessori toy
  • Heirloom toy
  • Stone stacking

Tumi Ishi Species

Tumi Ishi use over 25 different species of the highest quality sustainably sourced wood; such as, black walnut, hard maple, cherry, cedar, oak, sassafras, poplar, hickory, osage orange, pear, and many more. The company professional makers of blocks, carefully sand each block and finish them with own blend of jojoba oil and beeswax. The product is 100% organic and 100% non-toxic, never use stain or paint on any of the blocks; so the natural wood color of each individual wood species shines.

How to place an Order/Payment??

  • Email at [email protected] to request wholesale pricing list.
  • Once you decide on which sets you would like to purchase, send an itemized list of your order.
  • Once the information finalized, the company will send you an itemized invoice.
  • All wholesale orders must be paid in full before the company begin to process your order.
  • The company accept Credit Card or Paypal and will provide payment information once an order is being finalized.


Refunds on products will be available prior to your wholesale order shipment. If your order has shipped, the company do not offer any refunds. Please take care in deciding which sets you would like, as each set is carefully handcrafted.

How fast will they be made?

Timing varies depending on the size of your wholesale order. The company will give you a time estimate once you decide on an itemized list of your intended wholesale order. So have some patience.

Tumi Ishi Logo

Tumi Ishi Logo is Wood Rocks.

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