Techsaga Corporations Company Profile, Wiki, Owner, Net Worth, Products and more

Techsaga Corporations Profile, Wiki, Networth, Establishment, History and More

Founded in 2012, Techsaga is leaping to transform the digital space, a world’s leading management consulting firm, catering to our clientele overseas for the past 8 years, Techsaga touched salient milestones delivering with a proven track record and eminent talent. In the herd of ours, fellow strategists, design creators, and innovators are the part, accountable for the client’s delight and exceeding expectations. This startup realized the potency of IT applications in the scores of field’s way ahead. With the spend of time, the team took the desired shape making the customers in the last row happy and satisfied.


A privately-held organization founded in 2012, Techsaga is an Information Technology and Services Industry.

Headquarters- Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Techsaga is a leading consulting, web, and software development team located in India, the USA, UK, and Abu Dhabi. With 8+ years of experience, Techsaga with a visionary and approach believes in result-oriented project delivery. Assuring and assisting you in achieving your corporate goals ranging from the simplest Static Site to the full-blown Content Managed Enterprise Solutions. Working in a highly competitive environment along with a pre-eminent outcome is our ultimate axiom.

Company NameTechsaga Corporations
MottoInspired for Innovation
Founder NameRahul Mishra
Date of Establishment15 July, 2012
Establishment PlaceNoida, Uttar Pradesh
CEORahul Mishra
Registered AddressC-52, Sector-2 Noida (U.P) India
Company StatusActive

About the Founder

Founder of Techsaga corporations, Rahul Mishra is well-versed in business planning and development, corporate relationship management, operations, logistics coordination, and scheduling. Rahul believes that

“Life is not about winning, it’s about not giving up.”

Rahul is bestowed with empathy that helped him to understand his clients and eventually reach the company’s business goals.

Rahul worked for Ebriks Infotech Pvt. Ltd, for nearly 2 years but acknowledged that his out-of-the-box ideas need a substantial space to experiment and grow. So, he invested in start-ups and fast-paced environments. Eventually, he landed at Techsaga Corporations, backed by strong board members and team professionals.


Accomplished IT Projects1500+
Contented Clients850+
Recurrent Clients400+


Agile Transformation– Involves the arrangement of planning, designing, development, testing, execution, and maintenance of a project.

In today’s cut-throat competition, businesses are dying because of the lack of vision and dynamic techniques to tackle their challenges. To grow in such an environment some effective practices are being required. One such strategy is Agile transformation, which allows our customers to be more accessible and allows them to stay ahead of their benchmark.

DevOps Methodology– DevOps is for utilizing association, combination, and renovation

The term DevOps suggests a kind of an Agile connection between development and information technology operations. The utter motive here is to improve the link between the two by promoting a better interchange and alliance among both of them. Simultaneously this methodology enables our customers to improve their techniques and expertise so that they can stand tall among their competitors.

Automation– Automation serves as the most influential tool for our customers.

Automation is that part of tech that enables us to perform difficult tasks with the least effort. The tasks of gaining better performance, more efficiency, and reducing the cost are easily achievable utilizing automation. The business opting for our automation services gets guaranteed increments in productivity and evaluability. Automation is capable of easily turning troubles into simple resolutions.

Application Development– Still you want the exhibition of your business project online in the world of mobile apps. No worries, we are ready for both.

As of requirement, we build online display projects for your enterprise ensuring that your workflow moves at a rapid pace. Be it management or maintenance we could go well with both of them. Technology is moving way faster than ever before and to get ahead of the competition small and giant businesses would need to have the most advanced techniques. To overcome the business challenges has one needs to grab all the opportunities they can get.

IoT Development- The inclusion of this IoT development software is beneficial for web and mobile apps.

IoT or the Internet of things can be described as a system connecting computing devices like sensors, vehicles, cameras, and machines to transfer data over a network without the intervention of humans. The powerful systems can easily identify which information is useful and which is not.

IoT is a revolutionary force that can assist businesses in improving performance through analytics and security to produce better outcomes. Inclusion of the IoT development software is beneficial for web and mobile apps of your enterprise determining the secure device connectivity, creation of algorithms, and analysis of data all under one setup.

Software Design and Development- We have curated creative and innovative strategies to present solutions for your aspired model as fast as you ask for.

Let us design your trading task manager if you want to add wings to your business. With the advent of the internet, the software is becoming an integral part of businesses with each passing day. We have been practical to a wide spectrum of industries like healthcare, ecommerce, and advertisement projects, and we are engaged in best-in-domain IT consulting, software designing, and development, part of our success. Confidentiality of your data is our top-most priority while at the same time ensuring the smooth running of your software.

Startup Incubation– Your instructions are on us. Borrow a slew of advice on our part if you are suffering from the inability to grow your business.

Mentors at our address are having specialization in the startup incubation plan which was in development once, and can now help new startups to succeed. Entrepreneurs are just like our friends whom we assist in resolving the problems that are associated with operating a startup such as a workspace allotment, seed funding, suggestions, training, and the remaining. Completing work with the utmost dedication is our prime strategy for the client’s project, simultaneously growing the profitability and productivity of the business.

Startup IT Support– If thoughts have to be shaped in realism, we are to appear before you with the pocket-friendly package for startup IT support. We just don’t transform your ideas into sustainable business operations in fact within the estimated budget and layering of agility factors. When investing in a startup, many hurdles may come up in the way while attaining stability. Many minute things are required to be kept in mind when managing a startup business. Needless to raise your cost concern if we have been assigned to contribute to your goal.

Reduce Infrastructure Cost– Decrement in the expenses over your IT structure could be made by our advantageous handling. One of the most important characteristics of a good business is cost optimization, if the reduction can be made on the cost then the profit will increase spontaneously. We place our trust in replacing physical hardware in your company with virtual parts, grounding software-defined data centers, performing the function of IT staff and security services, cloud services, and deploying a lot of hard efforts to reduce infrastructure costs. It will not only allow our customers to compete with other business giants but to get ahead of them.

Block chain Development– You got the necessity of digital ledger, we have with us your instant solution, known as blockchain development. Usable in a decentralized way, it saves your transaction on tens of computers around the world. An excellent form of the database management system that uses records to store data could be the right explanation for blockchain. This technology is the most trusted one for crypto currency development and enhancement of security, speeding the exchange of information being cost-effective and transparent. Almost every person indulged in this industry is introducing blockchain development in their business.

Management Outsourcing– We commit to providing the best service that too with a lower cost so that we can bring a smile to our customer’s faces.

We would be glad to be your assistance while you hire us for variegated IT applications. And look after when your organization requires the essentials consisting of the management of IT employees like operations, maintenance, data controls, software & application development, and the administration of whole work performed by your current online project on a monthly, hourly, or fixed-wage basis. Implementation of outsourcing is quite difficult and the failure rate of the relationship establishment is quite high, it depends upon who you hire for the work.

Integrated brand Management– Brand management is more challenging than ever because of increased competition between complex brands and product portfolios.

Practice is followed by almost every settled business, as by aligning all the activities and actions with the brand promise, a company can establish a deep and long-lasting relationship with its customers. This process reveals your brand and creates a reflection of the organization for the customers. Using the various media for marketing the brand including its advertisement, promotional campaigns, etc. so that a better brand image could be built for the targeted consumer base.

Digital Marketing– Establishing and supporting relationships through greater online visibility, with the customers by the means of online activities so that an exchange of ideas, products, and services related to your brand could take place. Techsaga help you attract more attention online through our social media experts and creative teams, who have specialized in the tricks of the trade

Customer-centric Techniques have come up in the field of Digital marketing which is taking this industry to another level. As web development is consistent and rapid, more and more consumers are getting connected, many organizations are tending towards Digital Marketing. We make our customers familiar with the web to execute online trading and make a name for themselves on the web.

Influential Marketing– It is the way of identification and establishment of relationships with the prospects for businesses who want to influence the target audience. Influential marketing is a capable and effective strategy that can amplify all the marketing efforts that are being made. Adopting influential marketing ideas, products, or services, a brand has the potential to reach a large group of consumers or target population. Many businesses are using influential marketing through social media forums to increase their reach and also to hike the conversion rates and profit in their business.

Online Reputation Management– For brand awareness and more brand authority, growing and established businesses need to build an online reputation. However, business executives do know that they need to build their online reputation but very few know the right approach to execute it. Many of us have been in the industry for a while but they are not aware of the fact that their activities aren’t making any difference in their online reputation. We assist our customers by expanding their reach online and use our strategies to assure that people could find what they are exactly looking your brand.

Digital Consultation– It could be time-consuming to engage the online audience and staying connected to them could be more challenging than it appears. Nowadays almost every business is started employing the internet. Therefore, all of them are marking their presence online but gaining and maintaining an online presence is quite a difficult task. That is where we come in, we play a vital role for our customers in guiding them by providing Digital Consultation service to them. And the things that could become more troublesome are increasing your reach to the online audience, becoming visible to more and more people.

Improved ROI– We work tirelessly while you hire us for variegated IT applications.

It is essentially the measure of gain or loss that the firm would be making depending upon the campaigns and the investment that we have executed. Or we can say that this ratio tells us whether we can make a handsome profit out of our business or not. If the ROI is positive then it means you are making more out of what you are investing. With the increasing competition, every business is focusing on improvement in their profit percentage, therefore, they are also focusing on reducing the cost. Cost reduction is a difficult process as in this, the business has to determine which areas are not performing well as planned and what aspects of the campaign could be worked on. Moreover, taking action in making improvements in those scenarios.

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