Surf Excel(Brand) Company Profile, Wiki, Networth, Establishment, History and More

Surf Excel(brand) Profile, Wiki, Networth, Owner, CEO, Founder Name, Parent Company and more

Surf Excel is an Indian brand name, used for removal of dirt and the tough strains from clothes. The brand was launched in Indian consumer market in year 1959. Surf Excel is a subsidiary of its parent company Hindustan Unilever. The company believes that dirt and experiences are a gateway to unleashing human potential and encourages mothers to push their children to learn by experience, while Surf excel takes care of the dirt and tough stains.

When children go out to play and get dirty, they don’t just collect stains. They experience life, make friends, share and learn from each other. It helps them get stronger and get ready for the world outside. Surf excel has constantly innovated ahead of market and launched different product formats to cater to changing needs of Indian consumers. The brand offers outstanding cleanliness on a wide range of stains and multiple products suited for bucket wash and machine wash environment. Surf excel is engineered with modern and path-breaking technology that offers consumers benefits such as tough stain removal, easy dissolution, superior fragrance and much more.

Company NameSurf Excel
Founder NameWilliam Hesketh Lever
OwnerMr. Sanjiv Mehta
Date of Establishment1959
Establishment PlaceIndia
Registered AddressMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Telephone No.022-5043-3000
Company StatusActive


  • Surf Excel detergent powder: Surf Excel detergent powder is a detergent powder designed especially for washing machines was launched as Surf Excel Matic. It even came in two variants Front Load and Top Load.
  • Surf Excel Soap: Surf Excel soap is a product which is use to wash your clothes. The soap bar is perfect if you are going to hand wash your clothes and are looking to remove a deep stain. Then, surf excel soap is perfect and easy to use.

Surf Excel Marketing Mix Strategy

Surf excel is an Indian brand used for washing clothes, dust and tough strain. It is easy to use and people like it. This brand is reached in all over the world. It is one of the oldest detergents in India.

  • Surf Excel Product Strategy: Surf Excel is a leading detergent & soap brand which is synonymous with cleaning clothes & apparel. The brand categorises its product offerings as a part of its marketing mix into Hand wash and Machine wash sub segments.
  • Surf Excel Pricing Strategy: Surf Excel brand pricing strategy is lower than the rival P&G brand Ariel. This is due to price sensitivity of Indian consumers across the market segment. Surf Excel deploys product line pricing by pricing its products line targeting premium segment higher than the price of products targeting mid-rise segment.
  • Surf Excel Place & Distribution Strategy: Surf Excel line of products are available in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The product is available in every corner of the world at reasonable prices. Surf Excel products are also available through e-commerce websites like Amazon, big basket, Flipkart and many more on grocery apps.
  • Surf Excel Promotion & Advertising Strategy: Surf Excel has based all its campaign on the baseline of “Dirt is Good”. HUL has adopted both above the line (ATL) and below the line (BTL) promotion strategy for the brand. The product has various varieties and different categories itself. The company promoting the product through advertisement and brand ambassador.


Surf Excel founded by William Hesketh Lever. He was a British Industrialist, philanthropist, and politician. He was a great person. He was born on 19 September, 1851 at 16wood street, Bolton, Lancashire, England. In the age of 15, he started work with his father’s wholesale grocery business in Bolton. In 1886, he established Lever Brothers, which was one of the first companies to manufacture Surf Excel detergent and now part of the Anglo-Dutch transnational business Unilever. In 1911, his firm had become associated with forced labour and atrocities in the Belgian Congo. He also worked in politics. In 1917, he served as Member of Parliament (MP) for the Wirral constituency and used his maiden speech in the House of Commons to urge Henry Campbell-Bannerman’s government to introduce a national old age pension. He married to Elizabeth Ellen Hulme and blessed with two children. On 7 May1925, he died.


Surf Excel company vision is as following:

  • To meet everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.
  • To provide wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the service of local consumers – a truly multi-local multinational.
  • To work together effectively, and to generate new ideas and learn continuously.
  • To provide the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone with the communities and the environment.

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