Steelrising Video Game, Publisher, Wiki, Characters, Release Date

Steelrising Video Game, Publisher, Wiki, Characters, Release Date, Country Origin, Platform, official website, Purchasing site, Developer and Many More

Steelrising is the next Action-RPG developed by. @spidersgames. and published by. @Nacon. It is a video game.

Online/VideoVideo Game
Release DateJune 2022
Price Data not available
Country OriginUnited States of America
PlatformXbox Series X and Series S,
Microsoft Windows,
PlayStation 5

About the game

• A unique and mysterious heroine
As Paris burns and bleeds during the Revolution, you are Aegis, an automaton masterpiece made by Vaucanson, an engineer in the service of the Clockwork King. Make the most of your mechanical prowess to adapt Aegis to your style of play and become a fearsome warrior, a deadly dancer or a virtuoso of elemental arts.

• Dynamic and challenging gameplay
Engage in ruthless and intense fights against technological marvels that are as complex as they are unforgiving. Your nerves and skills will be tested to their limits at every moment spent battling these relentless enemies and epic bosses.

• Paris is your playground
The City of Light has been plunged into darkness and is in need of you. Use your energy, flexibility and tools to navigate the streets, rooftops, neighbourhoods and castles of Paris and reveal hidden secrets.

A fascinating story rooted in history
Delve into an enthralling alternate history filled with formidable mechanical enemies and potential allies with questionable motives. You are the only one you can count on to untangle the knots of history and ensure the Revolution succeeds!


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