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Schick is an American brand of personal care and safety razors founded in 1926 by Jacob Schick. Currently, it is owed by Edgewell Personal Care and is second in sales to Gillette globally. However, Schick is the top-selling brand of safety razors and blades in Japan, North America, Australia, Asia and Russia. In Europe, the same products are sold under the Wilkinson Sword brand. Schick also markets shaving gels.

Since 1921, Schick has been innovating and challenging itself to produce personalized and advanced products that are also easy to use. The company celebrates individuality and the right to express oneself, believing it’s these differences that make life interesting, inspiring them to keep creating and making their existing products even better. Schick is dedicated to understanding how its products can help everyone be true to their unique selves.

Founder NameJacob Schick
OwnerEdgewell Personal Care (2015-Present)
Previous ownersPatrick Frawley (1955–1970)
Warner–Lambert (1970–2000)
Pfizer (2000–2003)
Energizer Holdings (2003–2015)
Year of Establishment1926
Establishment PlaceJersey City
Product Brand(s)Schick
Hydro Silk
Quattro for Women
Silk Effects
Wilkinson Sword
Registered Address5901 West Side Avenue
Suite 400
North Bergen
NJ 07047
(Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST)

About the Founder

Jacob Schick

Schick® is a renowned brand of shaving products, with its origins dating back to the inventive U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick. After retiring from the military in 1910 he returned to service at the start of World War I, and while taking a break from military duty he staked mining claims in Alaska and British Columbia.

 On a particularly cold winter day, with temperatures dipping to 40F below zero, Colonel Schick noticed he had a hard time trying to shave. This inspired him to conceive an idea for a dry shaver that could shave without water or lather and he sketched out the design.

After the war, he tried to generate interest in his invention but to no avail. With a unique vision and determination, he eventually decided to pursue other inventions, and his dry shaver was finally developed into what we know today as the modern electric shaver.

By designing a groundbreaking product, Colonel Jacob Schick revolutionized the shaving industry and left a lasting impact on the world.


Schick manufactures products in men and women’s category under the brand labels like Hydro Silk, Intuition, Quattro for Women, Silk Effects, Skintimate, Edge, Schick and Wilkinson Sword. The major items are:

Men’s Category

  1. Blades
  2. Disposable Razor
  3. Face Wash
  4. Groomer
  5. Post Shave Balm
  6. Post Shave Lotion
  7. Razor
  8. Shave Cream
  9. Shave Gel

Women’s Category

  1. Blades
  2. Cleanser
  3. Dermaplaning
  4. Disposable Razor
  5. Gift Set
  6. Hair Removal Cream
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Razor
  9. Shave Gel
  10. Trimmer
  11. Waxes



In 1921, Colonel Schick created a revolutionary new safety razor called the Magazine Repeating Razor. This razor was designed like an army repeating rifle, with replacement blades stored inside the handle so that users could conveniently switch blades without any hassle or danger.

Jacob Schick officially established Schick in 1926 as the Magazine Repeating Razor Company in Jersey City, thus becoming “the father of electric razors”. A single blade safety razor system was introduced that year, holding up to twenty blades in a steel injector.

In 1927, Schick released his dry shaver and the following year, confident that electric razors would make wet shaving obsolete, he started a separate corporation to produce and sell them. Before long, Schick sold all his shares in the Magazine Repeating Razor Company to the president of the American Chain and Cable Company.


In 1946, a revolutionary change occurred when Eversharp, Inc. acquired the Magazine Repeating Razor Company and renamed it the Schick Safety Razor Company. American Chain and Cable produced Schick’s product until 1958, when Schick decided to begin producing its own items in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The company relocated its manufacturing facilities in 1961 to Milford, Connecticut – where the headquarters for the Shaving Products Group resides today. Since then, many product innovations have been introduced.

These innovations began with Schick pushing the boundaries in 1963 by becoming the first U.S. manufacturer to sell stainless steel blades coated with Teflon, a non-stick material that improved comfort during the shave by minimizing friction. Five years later, Schick’s scientists were able to deposit a thin layer of chromium to the blade edge, increasing its durability.

This progress continued even after Warner-Lambert acquired Schick in 1970, when Wilkinson Sword introduced the first bonded blade – a blade bonded in a plastic housing – and became the first manufacturer to patent a bonded blade cartridge. Many new products have since been launched due to a constant technical advancement of Schick.


In February 2000, Pfizer made a purchase of Warner—Lambert, along with all its associated subsidiaries. Three years later, Pfizer sold Schick to Energizer, and Schick became the latter’s subsidiary. Fast-forwarding to July 1, 2015, Schick became subsidiary of Edgewell Personal Care after Energizer split into two companies, and has since been the parent company of Schick. This truly marks an important moment in the history of Schick’s ownership.

As a subsidiary of Edgewell PC, Schick is now in control of the former’s resources and knowledge, and has the potential to reach even greater heights.

Schick Logo

Schick Logo

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