Riskified Ltd. Wiki, Company Profile, Founder, Logo

Riskified Ltd. Wiki, Company Profile, Founder, Logo, Net Worth and more

Riskified is a publicly-traded company that provides software as a service (SaaS) fraud and chargeback prevention technology. Riskified’s technology uses behavioral analysis, elastic linking, proxy detection, and machine learning to detect and prevent fraud. Riskified back transactions approved by its technology with a chargeback 100% money-back guarantee in the event of fraud.

Riskified is on a mission to empower businesses to realize the full potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless. They have built a next-generation platform that allows online merchants to create trusted relationships with their customers. Leveraging machine learning that benefits from a global merchant network, their platform identifies the individual behind each online interaction, helping merchants, and customers, eliminate risk and uncertainty from their business.

Company NameRiskified
Date of Establishment2013
Establishment PlaceTel Aviv, Israel and New York City, United States
FounderEido Gal and Assaf Feldman
Registered Address220 5th Avenue, New York, NY
Net Worth$1.51 Million
Telephone no.Data not available
Company StatusActive
Email[email protected].


  • Riskified was founded in 2012 by Eido Gal and Assaf Feldman, who started the company from an apartment in Tel Aviv Israel.
  • It was launched from their original office with just five staff members.
  • As of 2018, Riskified secured $63.7 million in funding. In November 2019, Riskified announced a Series E funding round of $165 million, led by General Atlantic and joined by Fidelity Management and Research, Winslow capital, and existing investors.
  • On July 28, 2021, Riskified launched its public IPO offering on the NYSE, valuing the company at $ 4.3 billion.
  • Riskified protects customers from malicious account takeover attacks, combat payment failures at checkout, help merchants block abuse while upholding consumer-friendly policies and more.


ECommerce has transformative powers and Riskified believes that everyone should be able to take part, But outdated solutions and overwhelmed systems create uncertainty and risk. Riskified drive higher sales and reduce fraud and other operating costs for merchants and provide superior consumer experiences as compared to the merchant’s performance prior to onboarding them.

Chargeback Guarantee

Riskified’s performance guarantee,including full chargeback protection, allows you to sell to anyone, anywhere. Keep your costs in check and stay competitive and efficient in an automated, self optimizing fraud managemnt solution.

How it works?

The most accurate decisions in real time:

Riskified’s machine learning model analyse hundreds of feature per transaction, generating accurate ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions. Riskified provide sub second responses to meet your needs.

A network with extensive breadth and depth:

With nearly a decade of chargeback guarantee decisions under Riskified’s belt, every decision draws on over a billion prior transactions processed for global eCommerce leaders across industries.

Aligned incentives ensure strong ROI:

Pay only for approved orders that generate revenue. The company guarantees approval rates and cover any chargebacks. This model drives the commitment to continually reducing false declines and always staying ahead of fraudsters.

Company Logo

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