Razorpay Wiki, Company Details, Founder, Online Payment Gateway, Net Worth, Logo and Many More

Razorpay Wiki, Company Details, Founder, Online Payment Gateway, Net Worth, Logo and Many More

Razorpay is an Indian Online Payment Gateway. The company headquartered is in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is India’s first full-stack financial solutions company. Razorpay mission is to enhance the payment experience of over 300 million end consumers and aim to enable Indian businesses – big and small – accept payments digitally with minimal effort and maximum ease.

Company Name Razorpay
Date of Establishment2014
Establishment Place India
FounderHarshil Mathur
Shashank Kumar
Registered Address1st Floor, SJR Cyber, 22 Laskar Hosur Road,
Adugodi, Bangalore, Karnataka 560030, India
Net Worth$150 million
Telephone no. 1800-123-1272
EmailData not available
Company StatusActive
Website www.razorpay.com


Razorpay established in 2014 by Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar. It is an Indian Online Payment Gateway provider to a solutions-driven organization boasting of an extensive products suite to accept and disburse payments as well as raise capital and park money. It is very safe and easy to use. Razorpay accept payments from customers, Automate payouts to vendors & employees.

The Razorpay Product Suite today comprises verticals, along with Payment Gateway, like Payment Links, Payment Pages, Subscriptions, Smart Collect, Route, Razorpay Capital, RazorpayX, Payroll and Thirdwatch.



With Razorpay, you can build the best payments infrastructure for your business so you can facilitate learning and growth for your students and customers.

Automate Online Fee Collection: Fee collection is a common challenge for schools, colleges and other educational institutes. 64% of parents and custodians rate the periodic school fee payment experience poor. With Razorpay, simplify your fee collection by providing parents and donors a simple and hassle-free way to make payments.

Easily make salary & vendor payments: Making payments to staff, service providers and vendors is as important as collecting fees. With Razorpay, you can conveniently disburse multiple payments at the same time.

Eliminate Manual Reconciliation: Easily replace all the tedious manual effort that goes into the traditional reconciliation process. Save time and money by automatically reconciling your accounts, be it managing your fee and donation collection or keeping track of your payouts like salaries and expenses.

Innovate & Monetize Online learning: Online learning and MOOCs are growing now more than ever before. The global online education market is booming and the global online market for e-learning is set to reach $286.62 billion by 2023. This calls for a robust online payments infrastructure that can seamlessly and securely collect payments while enabling continuous learning.


Manage all your payments and financial operations from a consolidated dashboard. Create an online store, track payments, and issue refunds within minutes. Take better business decisions with real-time reporting.

A powerful dashboard to give you full control: When it comes to managing payments, speed and ease of use is what matters at the end of the day. The company spent countless hours to make it a great experience for you.

Handle end-to-end payments with Payment Gateway: Experience the future of payments with the easiest integration, completely online onboarding & feature-filled checkout. Avail lowest industry charges.

Simplified solutions for e-commerce in India: Take your business online, increase your sales and revenue and save big on ad hoc and operations costs with our easy to use products.

Fight COD frauds on your e-commerce business with AI: Return to Origin (RTO) and fraud orders may contribute up to 50% of your e-commerce orders. Keep RTO rates at bay with Razorpay Thirdwatch.

Instant cash for business growth: Razorpay Capital solves your cash flow challenges by financing your business growth through instant settlements and quick business loans.

Xperience the Future with Banking Supercharged: Bring effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence to all your financial processes with the best tech with RazorpayX. SaaS

Razorpay offers a platform built for automation for SaaS companies. Build and customise subscription plans around different periods and billing models. Add the ability to accept payments in 100 currencies to the mix and you get the payment partner you need.

Enable Multi-currency Payments: SaaS and other IT products are built for global consumers today. This calls for secure and robust payment systems that are built to accept international payments.

Automate Periodic and Recurring Payments: Easily automate subscriptions, control the billing cycle and get instant alerts on subscription activities with Razorpay Subscriptions.


Razorpay offers a platform built for automation for SaaS companies. Build and customise subscription plans around different periods and billing models. Add the ability to accept payments in 100 currencies to the mix and you get the payment partner you need.

Multi-channel, Multi-mode Payments Experience: Customers today have a plethora of channels to make payments. Provide a seamless solution that works perfectly across any channel – mobile, desktop or mobile-web and optimized across all device formats with the Razorpay Payment Gateway.

Make Easy Payouts: Focus on your business and leave the hassles of money movement to us. With Razorpay Route & Payouts, make payouts to vendors and sellers with a single click and effortlessly handle your end-to-end money flow.

Seamless Integration: Integrating with Razorpay is as simple as it can get, with feather-light SDKs and RESTful APIs that is embedded using few lines of code. With Razorpay, you don’t have to waste hours on integration.

Robust Reporting & Analytics: With RazorpayX, deriving payment summaries and reports is as convenient as it can get. With easy-to-use dashboards and downloadable payment summaries, gain end-to-end visibility across your payments lifecycle.


A custom suite of comprehensive payments solutions that solves unique challenges across lending, wealth management, and insurance sectors.

Manage Collections: Payment failure in financial services can mean huge revenue loss. More than 50% of customers drop-off if payments fail on the first attempt. Our suite of intelligent features is built to address this and give you best-in-class success rates.

Automate recurring revenues: Recurring revenues are core to financial services – from insurance premiums to SIPs to loan repayments. With Razorpay, offer easy and tailor-made subscription plans to your customers, through a platform that’s built for automation.

Fast track loan disbursals: Loans and advances today are tailored to meet a diverse set of needs from education to housing to personal financing. And, each type of loan has to be disbursed to multiple entities across varying disbursement schedules. This calls for a robust payments infrastructure that can handle multi-level payouts.

End-to-end cash flow management: Financial companies are faced with complex cash flows where money is collected from multiple sources and routed to various accounts – be it customers, investors, vendors and service providers. With Razorpay Route you can easily manage all your money movement straight from a single dashboard.

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