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Rarible NFT Marketplace is an American company of computer software. The company headquarter is in Los Angeles, USA. It is a NFT marketplace. NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs prove ownership of a unique digital asset like art, music, collectibles, videos or anything else with blockchain technology.

Company NameRarible
Date of Establishment2019
Establishment PlaceAmerica
FounderSalnikov, Alexei Falin and Ilya Komolkin
Registered AddressLos Angeles, USA
Net Worth$13 billion
Telephone no.Data not available
EmailData not available
Company StatusActive


Rarible NFT Marketplace established in 2019 by Salnikov, Alexei Falin and Ilya Komolkin. It is an operator of a community-owned NFT marketplace that allows users to buy and auction off digital art. It is used to create, sell, or collect digital items secured with blockchain. Its marketplace offers users to trade liquid intellectual properties and any digital content with licensing via NFT tokens that enable ethereum users to create and sell digital collectibles.

The Rarible NFT Art Marketplace

Rarible NFT Marketplace is an Ethereum-based platform that facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of ownership rights to digital works of art via non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are one-of-a-kind crypto assets that are used to represent unique items such as collectibles and works of art. Rarible makes use of two NFT token standards: ERC-721, which allows for the creation of one-off unique items, and ERC-1155, which allows for the creation of multiple editions of an item.

Though Rarible’s NFT platform launched as a centralized operation, its creators plan to gradually decentralize it over time, eventually ceding control to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will be run by the Rarible community. Rarible plans to achieve this via its RARI governance token, which gives users the right to participate in the governance of the platform.

In 2021, Rarible announced that it would launch a marketplace on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, which is designed to host applications and facilitate speedy transactions.

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