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Odonil Profile, Wiki, Networth, Owner, CEO, Founder Name, Parent Company and more

Odonil is an Indian brand under Dabur company. It is best known for its air freshening product over the years. Odonils used for good fragrance in your bathrooms, home, toilet and cupboards etc. People suffer from bad fragrance and it might be bad for their health so they should use odonil air fresheners. To get your bathroom fresh and alive with fragrance of Odonil Bathroom Air Fresheners blocks. Odonil Air fresheners increases your life standard.

Company NameOdonil
Founder NameDr. S.K. Burman
OwnerAmit Burman
Establishment PlaceIndia
RevenueOver INR 8,989 crore
Registered Address8/3, Asaf Ali Road,New Delhi, Ind
Telephone No.91(011)23253488
Company StatusActive


  • Odonil Air Freshener Blocks: Odonil Air Fresheners Blocks are available in ‘Block’ format. These Blocks are small space fragrances which can be used in your bathrooms, home, toilet and cupboards etc.
  • Odonil Aerosol Air Freshener Spray: Odonil Room Freshener Sprays can be used anywhere in your home and it is easy to use, just spray it and transform the mood of your family members. You can use it in any corner of your home and you feel super fresh.
  • Odonil Room Freshener Gel: Odonil Gels increases fragrance in your room and turns on the romance in your life, with 4 unique fragrances – Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon & Rose. This product changes your whole life.
  • Odonil Zipper-Room Freshener: The New Odonil Zipper- Room Fragrance is so powerful, it makes your bathroom smell wonderful. It is a must to have air freshener for your bathrooms. This product is available in 3 powerful room fragrances –Joyful Lavender, Blissful Citrus and Soulful Jasmine.


Dabur India Limited founded by Dr. S.K. Burman. He was an Indian entrepreneur and founder of Dabur Limited company. He was born on 1856. He was a physician. His mission was to provide effective and affordable cure for ordinary people in far-flung villages. He set Dabur in 1884 to produce and dispense Ayurvedic medicines. He was very hardworking person. On 1907, he died. Recently, the chairman of the company is Amit Burman.


Odonil vision is dedicated to health and well-being of every household. The company is providing its products in all over the world with world class quality. The company motive is customer satisfaction.

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