MAULI Cashmere Wiki, Company Profile, Founder, Products

MAULI Cashmere Wiki, Company Profile, Founder, Products, Company Logo, Customer Details and more

MAULI, is a luxury Cashmere accessories brand, based in New Delhi, India. They design and manufacture Cashmere shawls, stoles and scarves with intricate embellishments for men and women.

Mauli is a sacred thread tied on one’s wrist, during a prayer ceremony in the Indian tradition, which signifies a commitment to devote oneself completely to the prayer. The brand was born from the deep belief of its founders to preserve the finest handcrafting skills available in India and to promote the ‘’made in India’’ products on the global stage.

Company NameMAULI Cashmere
Date of Establishment2019
Establishment PlaceNew Delhi, Delhi, India
FounderPuneet Gupta
Registered AddressNew Delhi, Delhi, India
Net WorthData not available
Telephone no.Data not available
EmailData not available
Company StatusActive
WebsiteMAULI Cashmere


MAULI Cashmere was founded in 2019 and has its headquarters in New Delhi, India. MAULI is committed to constant innovation, exploring endless horizons of creativity. They bring together hand crafting skill sets, carefully calibrated through their deep insight of international fashion, shawls are their canvas, and embroidery is their expression, blending the two they deliver ‘cashmere moments’.


  • Shawls
  • Scarf
  • Stole
  • Embroidery
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Bespoke and personalized
  • Luxury and handcrafted

Core Values

Mauli Cashmere firmly believes that as consumers, they have a responsibility to challenge excessive industrial production by supporting artisanal handmade products.

Handcrafted with love:

Sustainable and cruelty-free
Through the creation of traditional handmade products, they support strong communities, and positive relationships and lay the foundation for building new bridges between people.

Consistent innovation:

Innovate to empower
Through their initiatives and by breaching the gap between the online market and the crafts of artisans from indigenous communities, they hope to help these individuals reach financial independence.

Make in India:

Keeping cultural traditions alive
They believe in empowering and inspiring artisans within indigenous cultures in order to help them reach their best potential. From outreach efforts to workshops, they do everything to help in moving forward. A mauli shawl is a promise of originality and authentic hand craftsmanship. A seasoned team of designers tirelessly works with highly skilled craftsmen to deliver each ‘MAULI’ promise.

Company Logo

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