Maglam Lord Video Game, Publisher, Characters, Wiki, Release Date

Maglam Lord Video Game, Publisher, Characters, Wiki, Release Date, Country Origin, Platform, official website, Purchasing site, Developer and Many More

Maglam Lord is a Japanese vibrant action JRPG video game. It is a vibrant action JRPG straight from the depths of hell! Boasting exploration, real-time combat, weapon crafting and relationship building, MAGLAM LORD is an unexpected combination that truly has no equal.

GameMaglam Lord
Online/VideoVideo Game
Release Date4 February 2022
PriceUS$ 62.99
Country OriginJapan
PlatformNintendo Switch,
PlayStation 4
WebsiteMaglam Lord | Anime Action RPG |


Fast and furious gameplay for intense battles
Square off against powerful beasts in fast-paced battles as you try to regain your power. Fill the DG gauge to unleash the Demon Lord of Swords’ ultimate attacks for a wider variety of combat strategies.

Embark on an epic adventure & awaken your power!
Enter the fantasy world of Eusdeal and play as a male or female Killizzerk, the last of the Demon Lords who has been sapped of their power. Explore the world in a bid to bring your species from the brink of extinction.

Craft hundreds of weapons and customise them
Craft magical weapons and upgrade them to complement your playstyle! Customising grants numerous benefits in battle. Increased attack power, new sound effects and even personality can be modified with the right materials!

Build relationships & find love among wonderful characters
Only by seeking a hand in marriage can you avoid the extinction of your kind! Characters you meet will be able to wield your power in battle! Befriend them, and even take them on dates to regain your former power!

Stunning production values
Brought to you by D3PUBLISHER, developer FELISTELLA, and writer Kei Miyakozuki of ‘Summon Night’ fame, as well as stunning character design and illustration by lack who designed “Okada Izo” in the game ‘Fate Grand Order’!


Ryuichi Kijima
Akari Kito
Atsumi Tanezaki
Hiroki Goto
Yoshiki Nakajima
Kaori Nazuka
Kaito Ishikawa
Misaki Watada
Kenji Nojima



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