KM Sugar Company Profile, Wiki, Owner, Sugar Products and more

KM Sugar Company Profile, Wiki, Owner, Sugar Products, Logo, Founder, Net Worth, Share Price, Sugar Mills, Bio-Manure, Sugar crushing capacity and more

KM sugar is an Indian company of sugar manufacturer. The company headquarter is in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The company offers white crystal sugar, which is used for human consumption, as well as in industries, such as food. KM Sugar is one of the leading companies in India in Agriculture sector. It offers various wide range products to its customers with high-quality product.

Company NameK.M Sugar
Date of Establishment1942
Establishment PlaceIndia
ChairmanL K Jhunjhunwala
Net Worth (as on 2021)Rs. 63.67 crore( approx)
Share Price34.60 (on 15 June 2021)
Telephone No.(0512) 2310762(0512) 2310762
Registered Address11, Moti Bhawan, Collectorganj,
Kanpur – 224 001
Fax(0512) 2310762(0512) 2310762.
Company StatusActive


  • Sugar

The company manufactures and sells three grades of Sugar in jute bags as well as in PP bags. On the basis of quality and size products are as under:

L 31

M 31

M 30

S 31

S 30     

  • Distillery

KMSML manufactures Rectified Spirit, Ethanol and Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) at its facility at Motinagar, Faizabad. Out of total production of rectified spirit 85% is grade-I quality and 15% is Grade-II.

Grade-I rectified spirit

Grade-II rectified spirit

Extra Neutral Alcohol

Fuel Grade Ethanol           

  • Clean Power

The company has its own baggased based co-gen Power plant with the capacity of 25 MW in Motinagar, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. The company supply the power to the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL).

  • Bio-Manure

The Bio Compost unit manufactures bio fertilizer which is marketed in the name of ‘Moti Super’. The Bio Fertilizer is manufactured by utilizing the by-product of sugar unit, i.e., Press Mud and the e by-product of Distillery division, i.e. spent wash along with culture.

The Bio Fertilizer is manufactured in our own plant with a process called ‘Triochem process, which takes around 45 days for converting press mud into bio-compost.

  • Moti Sanitizer

The company also producing sanitizer by the brand name “MOTI”.


  • KM Sugar established in 1942 at Kanpur by Jhunjhunwalas & Singhanias. It formed as a partnership firm known as Kamlapat Motilal.
  • In 1971, the firm was converted into Private Limited Company known as K M Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Ltd., and got registered with the Registrar of Companies.
  • In 1974, the Company became a deemed public company in the year 1974 in terms of provisions 43A of the Companies Act.
  • The Company was converted back to a Private Limited Company under Section 43A (2A) of the Companies Act.
  • In 2002, the Company was again converted into a public limited company with effect from April 20, 2005.
  • In 1980, the company expanded the sugar cane crushing capacity from 1800 TCD to 2500 TCD
  • In 2000, the company expanded the sugar crushing capacities were increased from 2500 TCD to 3500 TCD and further to 5000 TCD in the year 2003and in 2006 further from 5000 TCD to 6500 TDC.
  • In 2014, the company expanded its capacity to 9000 TCD.
  • In 2007, the company started Co Generation Plant with capacity of 25 MWh which was commissioned in 2008.


KM Sugar vision is to be responsible for corporate governance, environment friendly, innovative, professionally managed and contributing for the benefit of the society, farmers, Employees and Stakeholders.


KM sugar mills ltd. mission is to become leading Agriculture based company, to promote an ethical business practices; to deliver world –class quality to our customer and build a financially strong, growth-oriented company that creates values for employees and stakeholders.

Company Logo

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