Hatsun Agro Product Limited Company Profile, Wiki, Networth, Establishment, History and More

Hatsun Agro Product Limited Profile, Wiki, Networth, Owner, CEO, Founder Name, Parent Company and more

Hatsun Agro Product Limited is an Indian dairy company. the company headquarter is in Chennai, India. The company manufactures and markets products that cater to both cooking and consumption, like milk, curd, ice creams, dairy whitener, skimmed milk powder, ghee, paneer and lots more.

HAP brands have become household names in over one million Indian houses. Arun Icecreams, Arokya Milk, Hatsun Curd, Hatsun Paneer, Hatsun Ghee, Hatsun Dairy Whitener, Ibaco and have become popular choices across the country. The company focus is on delivering quality and have a technically advanced system that works in accordance with a time-tested business processes across our 16 plants.

Company NameHatsun Agro Product Limited
Founder/OwnerR. G. Chandramogan
Date of Establishment1970
Establishment PlaceChennai, Tamilnadu India
RevenueINR 5316.99 Crores (in 2020)
Chairman and Managing DirectorR. G. Chandramogan
Registered AddressDoor No: 1/20A, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Karapakkam,
Chennai – 600 097, India.
Telephone No.044-24501622
Company StatusActive


  • Arun Icecreams: Arun Icecreams is the most well known Hatsun brand. The company opened ice cream brands exclusively in the city, Arun decided to take to suburban and even rural areas, leading the ice cream into the hearts of millions. The brand also consistently introduces new flavours every season, just to make sure customers have something fresh to look forward to every time they walk in to an Arun Icecreams parlour.
  • Arokya milk: Arokya is the flagship brand of Hatsun Agro Product Limited. the brand won the trust of millions of consumers across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra. Milk is collected with extreme care from healthy, well-nourished cattle in hygienic cow-sheds spread across well-connected villages. This is then, pasteurized and homogenized following scientific guidelines to meet stringent quality standards. Under the Arokya brand, have curd. It is available in various convenient formats.
  • Hatsun: The another brand is Hatsun Milk products stems from the product essence in itself. Milk sourced from very fine quality cows that are reared in the pastoral heart lands. Fed on lush green grass, drinking clean water, breathing in crisp fresh air and basking in golden sunlight, the cows provide creamy, frothy milk that goes into the making of every dairy product of Hatsun.
  • Ibaco: Ibaco is dedicated to conjuring up a delightful, unique ice cream eating experience. One based on the scoop ‘n’ serve format. Ibaco has 36 flavours inspired from exotic places around the world, aims to offer more choices and deliver greater standards of taste to its customers. From Madagascar Bean Vanilla to delicious Ghanaian Chocolate, the parlour has always had something new and exciting to look forward.
  • Santosa: Hatsun Agro Product Limited manufactures and produces Santosa cattle feed, aim to provide the best quality feed, located in Palani district of Tamil Nadu, Santosa has ultra-modern and state of the art facilities, and produces Cattle Feed as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Santosa cattle feed helps in increase of milk yield and milk quality (FAT & SNF).
  • Dairy Ingredients: HAP provides dairy ingredients like healthy cow’s milk, equipment and technical facilities, direct milk sourcing system, excellent logistics and distribution networks, consistent quality of products etc.
  • Hatsun daily: Hatsun Agro Product Ltd. has introduced Hatsun Daily, a series of outlets that stock dairy products of the highest quality which means that customers can now shop for their favourite Hatsun products from under one roof and operating on standardised norms set by experienced management at Hatsun, each store will feature products stored and displayed in a hygienic and clean environment. Hatsun Daily houses brands such as Arokya, Hatsun and Arun Ice creams.
  • OYALO: The another brand of company is OYALO. The company make signature pizza, spicy and cheesy.
  • Aniva: Aniva made from farm milk that has been processed using the spray drying process that meets the most stringent international standards, it is rich in proteins and instantly soluble.


Hatsun Agro Product Limited established in 1970.

  • 1970, the company started with Arun Icecreams and incorporated as Hatsun Foods Private Limited.
  • 1986, Hatsun Foods Private Limited (HFPL) takes over Chandramohan company. HFPL was allowed to register the brand name ‘Arun’ in its own name subject to a royalty payment of 1% on the gross icecream sales.
  • 1998, HFPL renamed to Hatsun Agro Product Limited.
  • 2013, the company manufacturing Milk and Milk products in Vellichandai, Chitoor and Hyderabad Plant.
  • 2014, the company manufacturing Milk and Milk Products in Tirunelveli.
  • 2020, HAP completed 50 years journey. The company expands its business and have a healthy global presence with dairy ingredients exported to 38 countries around the world in America, the Middle East and South Asian markets.


Hatsun Agro Products Limited is an Indian dairy industry. In 2018, the company revenue is approx. Rs. 5,400crore (US$760million). The company is providing best quality dairy products to customers.

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