ETI Labs Pvt. Ltd. Wiki, Company Profile, Products, Services

ETI Labs Pvt. Ltd. Wiki, Company Profile, Products, Services, Founder, Net Worth, Customer Details and more

ETI LABS PRIVATE LIMITED is a private company, which was incorporated on 25th September 2017. ETI LABS PRIVATE LIMITED is classified as non-government and is registered at the Registrar of Companies located at ROC-DELHI. It has PCB designing, consultancy services, e-learning kits, and other customized services for a wide range of client bases.

ETI LABS also provides workshops and training in the fields of IoT and Data Analytics in the effort. The mission of ETI Labs is to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical education in engineering institutions by providing a wide range of integrated materials which includes Theory, practical and real-life projects towards developing innovative skills in your mind.

Date of Establishment2017
Establishment PlaceIndia
FounderManasi Mishra, Rachit Thukral
Registered AddressE-107, Electrical block, IGDTUW,
Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006,
Net Worth$339.38 thousand
Telephone no.+91 9560986506 ,
+91 8860340719
Email[email protected]
Company StatusActive


ETI LABS established in 2017 by Manasi Mishra, Rachit Thukral. The organization has its headquarters in Delhi. The organization provides services to the industry for making their existing products/ machines smarter by enhancing their functionality using the IoT and AI. It also provides a wide range of educational kits at affordable prices.


Training and workshops

ETI Labs provide training and workshop in both the hardware and software field. The organization seeks the overall development of highly motivated students and those interested in learning broadly. The students would experience an exciting time in learning and researching the various technologies, and concepts.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is the ongoing transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices combined with the latest smart technology which primarily focuses on the use of large scale machine to machine communication (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments to provide increased automation, improved communication, and self-monitoring, furthermore smart machines that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention.

The benefits of Industrial IoT are :

  1. Improved productivity.
  2. Improved efficiency
  3. Increased knowledge sharing, profitability, and collaborative working.
  4. flexibility and agility
  5. Makes compliance easier
  6. Better customer experience
  7. Reduces costs
  8. Creates innovation opportunities
  9. Higher revenues
  10. Getting a return on investment


Embedded System Development Board: (8051)

  • Based on the microcontroller and is designed to carry out specific computations in the embedded system.
  • The ESD 8051 board represents the embedded system consisting of the hardware and the software embedded in it.
  • It is smaller in size and faster to load.
  • It is more specific to one task and easy to manage

Best IoT development board (ESP 12E) Wifi module

  • SRAM:128 k bytes
  • OS: XTOS
  • Flash memory: 4 Mbytes
  • Wireless communications: Wifi
  • 10 bit ADC
  • COU :ESP8266 (LX106)

Company Logo

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