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BRINC Drones is founded by Blake Resnick. It is one of the largest makers of drones in the US. The company has raised more than $80 million from investors such as OpenAI founder Sam Altman, former acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, and Sam Bankman-Fried.

Brinc Drones has revolutionized the way public safety departments do their job with their flagship product, the LEMUR. This cutting-edge drone is designed specifically for indoor use and is equipped with modern lidar technology, two-way communication, and unprecedented agility. With its advanced capabilities, the LEMUR is helping first responders to better protect the public and respond more quickly to emergency situations.

The Seattle-based firm focuses on public safety, creating a niche after years of dominance by Chinese billionaire Frank Wang’s DJI, which now faces regulatory challenges in the US. Resnick studied engineering at University of Nevada, Las Vegas and interned with DJI and Tesla Inc.

before starting his company in 2018. Resnick also experienced first-hand the use of drones in law enforcement, working with Las Vegas SWAT teams, and has built a team which includes former employees from Amazon Air, SpaceX, and Blue Origin.

Brinc Drones’ technology is cutting edge, providing an opportunity for governments to use drones that are not from a Chinese company.

Company NameBRINC Drones
FounderBlake Resnick
OwnerBlake Resnick
Date of Establishment2018
HeadquarterSeattle, WA
RevenueNot Available
Net Worth/Valuation USD 300 million (as of 2023)
CEOBlake Resnick
Registered Address5040 W. Post Road Las Vegas,NV 89118
1055 N. 38th St. Seattle, WA 98103
Telephone No.+1 (866) 849-0282
Phone[email protected]
Timing9:00 am 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri)

About The Founder

Blake Resnick

Blake Resnick is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and engineer. After graduating from both University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Northwestern University, he went on to intern at DJI and Tesla Inc. In 2018, he founded his own company and relocated the headquarters to Seattle to take advantage of the engineering talent pool. Blake also had a unique opportunity to go along with Las Vegas’ SWAT team late at night as they deployed drones to observe their strategies, allowing him to then re-engineer new iterations for future missions.

Blake Resnick, Founder of BRINC Drones
Blake Resnick, Founder of BRINC Drones



Brinc Lemur

Brinc Ball


  • Sensitive Mic
  • Cellular Connectivity via SIM card
  • Powerful Speaker
  • 60 ft speaker audibility
  • 4G / LTE
  • 24-hour talk time
  • 5-day standby time
Brinc Ball

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