Who owns Pen+Gear? Parent Company, Products, Customer Care and more

Walmart’s Pen+Gear store brand is a great way to access quality school and office supplies without breaking the bank. It has everything you need, from notebooks and paper to binders and pencils. Plus, it even offers paper shredders!

Since 2016, Pen+Gear has fully replaced the Casemate brand, showcasing the company’s commitment to its private label products. The Hartman Group research firm found in 2006 that five of the top 10 private label brands are managed by Walmart.

Phone1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)
Company StatusActive


List of some products by Pen+Gear:

  1. Pen+Gear Spiral Notebook
  2. Pen+Gear Poly Cover Composition Book
  3. Pen+Gear Business Portfolio
  4. Pen+Gear Cloth Hard Cover Notebook
  5. Pen+Gear Softcover Notebook
  6. Pen+Gear Peel and Seal Envelopes
  7. Pen+Gear 2 pocket Folder
  8. Pen+Gear Pencil Case
  9. Pen+Gear Coil Bound Notebook
  10. Pen+Gear Expanding File
  11. Pen+Gear Compressed Notebook
  12. Pen+Gear memobook
  13. Pen+Gear Desk calendars
  14. Pen+Gear Desk Pads
  15. Pen+Gear 3-Ring Binder
  16. Pen+Gear Post-it Notes
  17. Pen+Gear Soft Touch Sticky Notes
  18. Pen+Gear Highlighter Pack
  19. Pen+Gear Colored Pencils
  20. Pen+Gear Glue Sticks

Where to Buy Pen+Gear’s products?

Equate products are available at a variety of locations, including Walmart stores and websites, Target, and Amazon. Additionally, certain exclusive products by Walmart are made specifically for one retailer, though it may be difficult to locate them.

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