Who owns Parent’s Choice? Parent Company, Products, Customer Care and more

The Walmart brand Parent’s Choice is known for its high quality and great value products. This includes diapers, formula, and accessories. In 2010, the design and packaging of this store brand was updated and relaunched.

Parent’s Choice is manufactured by Wyeth, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of Pfizer. The acquisition of Wyeth by Pfizer was finalized on October 15th, 2009, with a deal valued at US$68-billion dollars. This marked an impressive milestone for the pharmaceutical giant.

Parent’s Choice is a shining example of the power and reach of Walmart’s private label store brand. Their quality and affordability make them an appealing choice for many customers. Plus, their affiliation with Pfizer speaks to the trustworthiness and reliability of their products.

It is no wonder then, that Parent’s Choice is one of the top store brands in the country today.

NameParent’s Choice
Phone1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)
Company StatusActive


List of some products by Parent’s Choice:

  1. Parent’s Choice Diapers
  2. Parent’s Choice Baby Wipes
  3. Parent’s Choice Formula
  4. Parent’s Choice Cribs
  5. Parent’s Choice High Chairs
  6. Parent’s Choice Grooming Kit
  7. Parent’s Choice Clothing
  8. Parent’s Choice Books
  9. Parent’s Choice Toys
  10. Parent’s Choice Bath and Potty
  11. Parent’s Choice Strollers
  12. Parent’s Choice Car Seats
  13. Parent’s Choice Shoes
  14. Parent’s Choice Baby Food
  15. Parent’s Choice Baby Gear
  16. Parent’s Choice Nursing Products
  17. Parent’s Choice Baby Monitors
  18. Parent’s Choice Swaddles
  19. Parent’s Choice Health and Safety
  20. Parent’s Choice Bedding

Where to Buy Parent’s Choice products?

Parent’s Choice products are available at a variety of locations, including Walmart stores and websites, Target, and Amazon. Additionally, certain exclusive products by Walmart are made specifically for one retailer, though it may be difficult to locate them.

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