Top 10 List of biggest Oil Companies in USA

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Oil and energy companies are growing rapidly in world. The Oil Companies in US are on the list of Biggest Oil Companies by Production because various oil and Gas Companies in America are contributing to this growth index. Oil and gas companies in USA contribute to the reduction of unemployment in the country and responsible for over 9.8 million jobs in the US.

In the united states of America, the petroleum section is categorized into three operational sectors, which are the Upstream, midstream, and downstream areas.

Here is the List of top 10 Biggest Oil Companies in USA:

1. ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Irving, Texas, U.S. It is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, providing energy that helps underpin growing economies and improve living standards around the world.

ExxonMobil uses innovation and technology to deliver energy to a growing world. The company explore for, produce and sell crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products. ExxonMobil operate facilities or market products in most of the world’s countries and explore for oil and natural gas on six continents. The company established in 1999 by John D. Rockefeller.

2. Chevron

Chevron is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in San Ramon, California, U.S. It is one of the multinational American oil company which comes into existence after oil was noticed in California in 1879. Over the years, there have been several mergers that have occurred to the company with the likes of Gulf oil to become Chevron finally.

The company operates all the significant categories of oil and gas industries, which include the likes of oil-based chemical manufacturing, gas exploration, and geothermal energy production. The company established in 1879 and the CEO is Michael Wirth.

3. ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Houston, Texas, US. It is a global oil and gas company tasked with an important job—to safely find and deliver energy for the world. It is one of the largest independent exploration and production company in the world (E&P) was as a result of her vast reserves and production of natural gas and natural liquids, which includes the likes of Butane, Propane, and Ethane.

The company operates in different countries and states in the united states, which include Asia Pacific, Middle East, Canada, Europe, North Africa, and Alaska. ConocoPhillips sells various products under the brand name, which includes asphalt, crude oil, Natural gas, solvents, plastics, automobile and aviation fuels, liquefied petroleum gas, and NGLs. The company established in 1875 by Frank Phillips.

4. Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Houston, TX. It is an international energy company with assets in the United States, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. It is one of the largest oil producers in the U.S., including a leading producer in the Permian and DJ basins, and offshore Gulf of Mexico. Occidental Petroleum midstream and marketing segment provides flow assurance and maximizes the value of oil and gas.

The company chemical subsidiary OxyChem manufactures the building blocks for life-enhancing products. Oxy Low Carbon Ventures subsidiary is advancing leading-edge technologies and business solutions that economically grow business while reducing emissions. The company committed to using our global leadership in carbon management to advance a lower-carbon world. Visit for more information. The company established in 1920 and the CEO is Vicki Hollub.

5. EOG Resources 


EOG Resources is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Heritage Plaza, Houston, United States. It is one of the largest independent oil and natural gas companies in the United States with proven reserves in the United States, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, and China. EOG Resources, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is traded under the ticker symbol “EOG”​.

The company vision is to increase growth by drilling lower-cost, internally generated prospects rather than through acquisitions and capture an early-mover advantage in key resource plays. The company established in 1999 by Mark G. Papa.

6. Anandarko Petroleum

Anandarko Petroleum is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Allison Tower, The Woodlands, Texas, U.S. It is among the world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, with corporate offices in The Woodlands, Texas.

The company portfolio of assets encompasses premier positions in the Delaware and DJ basins onshore U.S., and oil-focused opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and deep-water basins worldwide. The company established in 1959 and Robert A. Walker is a Chairman and CEO is Robert G. Gwin.

7. Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Westchase, Houston, Texas, U.S. The company refine and market petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and lubricants; gather and process natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) for powering businesses, heating homes, cooking and electricity; and manufacture petrochemicals, polymers and plastics found in cars, electronics, and other everyday goods. Through financial strength and safe, reliable operations, the company are delivering on a business strategy to enhance returns, grow the company, increase distributions to shareholders and build a high performing team. The company established in 1917 by L.E. Phillips and Frank Phillips.

8. Valero Energy


Valero Energy is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in San Antonio, Texas, United States. It is an international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and petrochemical products. The company operates 15 petroleum refineries with a combined throughput capacity of approximately 3.2 million barrels per day and 13 ethanol plants with a combined production capacity of 1.72 billion gallons per year.

The petroleum refineries are located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and the ethanol plants are located in the Mid-Continent region of the U.S. Valero also is a joint venture partner in Diamond Green Diesel which operates a renewable diesel plant in Norco, Louisiana. Diamond Green Diesel is North America’s largest biomass-based diesel plant.

Valero sells its products in the wholesale rack or bulk markets in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Latin America. Approximately 7,000 outlets carry Valero’s brand names. The company established in 1980 and the CEO is Joseph W. Gorder.

9. Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Findlay, Ohio, United States. The company operates the nation’s largest refining system. MPC’s marketing system includes branded locations across the United States, including Marathon brand retail outlets.

MPC owns the general partner and majority limited partner interest in MPLX LP, a midstream company that owns. Marathon Petroleum operates gathering, processing, and fractionation assets, as well as crude oil and light product transportation and logistics infrastructure. The company established in 2009 and the CEO is Michael J. Hennigan.

10. Devon Energy

Devon Energy is an American Oil Company. The company headquarter is in Devon Energy Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. It is a leading oil and gas producer in the U.S. with a premier multi-basin portfolio headlined by a world-class acreage position in the Delaware Basin. Devon’s disciplined cash-return business model is designed to achieve strong returns, generate free cash flow and return capital to shareholders, while focusing on safe and sustainable operations. The company established in 1971 by John Nichols and J. Larry Nichols.

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